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Last of the 2011 Whine – Those who also served #2

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(c) Dave Morton

Jacques Rudolph


4 games, 318 runs @ 45.42


4 games, 282 runs @ 94.00 (s/r 95.91)

He’d been missed all season, not just for the weight of runs he could score, but for the experience he had as well. In his absence it was made to look like the Yorkshire squad had overly relied on him; that the responsibility he took to build long, match winning, match saving innings, wasn’t being taken up by others.

On his return he made the kind of substantial scores that had been so badly missed; most notably a quick-fire century against Sussex as we attempted to chase down a final day target. Yet somehow we still only scrapped together twenty-three points from the four championship games he played before a South African national training camp had him heading off back to the veld.

That lack of success wasn’t his fault of course; the damage had already been done to our season, the decline already set-in, relegation already close to inevitable. But it was an indication of how you need to get your season right from the beginning. An indication that in 2012, with money now available for an overseas player, we need to ensure they’re put in place as soon as possible.

Ideally that player will be Jacques, but if he can’t give us guarantees as to his availability, we may need to sign someone else before our options narrow and other counties snap up the best talent.

(c) Dave Morton

Tim Bresnan


3 games, 175 runs @ 43.75, 13 wickets @ 19.38


1 game, 9 runs @ 9.00, 2 wickets @ 17.00

FL 20/20

3 games, 25 runs, 2 wickets @ 53.00

Exactly how much of Tim Bresnan we were likely to see during the summer had been a difficult factor to calculate during the off-season. He was an ODI regular now, but more of a fringe selection for the test side. So if the other England test bowlers stayed fit and in form, there was the chance we might get a few championship appearances from him after all.

In the end, Yorkshire suffered from just about the worst case scenario. First the ECB asked for Bresnan to be rested for the initial four championship games of the year – quite an imposition given Tim wasn’t even centrally contracted at the time. Then a reoccurrence of his winter calf injury kept him sidelined until recovery coincided with the ODI series against Sri Lanka and a hamstring strain to Chris Tremlett that opened up a place in the Test starting eleven.

Bresnan’s absence was a major blow as he’d been in good form during the few matches he did play for us. The impressive all-round showing against Hampshire in May had almost seen us to victory, whilst a mad dash up from England duty at Lords preceded a four wicket burst that dragged us back into contention during the home Roses match. They were the performances of a mature and greatly improved cricketer.

Much of that improvement most go down to the confidence gained from being in the national set-up. Unfortunately for Yorkshire, it’s likely that England will be the main beneficiary, with few opportunities to play for his county looking likely now that Tim has finally been awarded a central contract. A move which at least frees up his wages to be spent on an overseas player.

(c) Dave Morton

David Wainwright


3 games, 84 runs @ 21.00, 5 wickets @ 67.20


10 games, 17 runs @ 8.50, 10 wickets @ 35.00

FL 20/20

8 games, 14 runs, 3 wickets @ 61.67

Own up David, which member of the Yorkshire hierarchy owned the cat you ran over? That’s the reason you got so few opportunities this year, right? It’s the only logical explanation.

Ok, joking aside, Wainwright’s end of season stats don’t indicate a summer where he carried all before him. But ask Yorkshire supporters for our most overlooked, underused player of the year and it’s his name you’ll get. Case in point, how the hell did he fail to get picked at Hove? A ground where he’s saved Yorkshire from relegation twice. You’d have thought match figures of 29.3-3-188-4 in the previous game at Taunton might have tipped us off that Adil wasn’t in the best of form. Yet two days later, it was the struggling leggy who lined up as our lone spinner against Sussex, with the result that he returned 0-187, the third-worst bowling figures ever by a Yorkshire player in the championship.

I believe the in-vogue expression for this is *facepalm*

Of course the stalling of Rashid’s England career has limited Wainwright’s options, as it’s not always possible to fit two spinners into our side, particularly now that championship games have been shoved back into early April. But David’s been an underused player for a number of years now, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he was considering his options elsewhere.

If he is to move, his new county will be getting a fine player. A player who makes things happen, one with a positive approach to the game, one who’s an excellent player of spin.

Just the kind of player Yorkshire needs in fact…


Written by ThatCricketBlogger

September 6, 2011 at 12:14 pm

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