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Hands up who wants to be Kumar Sangakkara?

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Yeah, thought so. We all do.

Why wouldn’t we? He’s got a test average of 56, a speaking voice that makes Brian Sewell sound like one of the Grumbleweeds and is so aching beautiful, unicorns cry when he smiles. The guy’s probably been offered more action than a Justin Timberlake roadie who sweats rohypnol. Or at least that’s what you imagine when you’re living out your sad, middle-aged fantasies through him, eh?

Just compare his life of travelling the world, effortlessly creaming match winning innings for Sri Lanka, to your own miserable existence. You’re the kind of loser that spends their lunchtime trudging round town trying to source cheap filters for a kitchen extractor fan. Think Kumar’s ever done that? As if anything – the women in your twisted imagination aside – would willingly get dirty in his presence.

Well now it seems he’s the voice of his nation’s conscience as well; after an hour long Cowdrey Lecture about the history and current state of Sri Lankan cricket left MCC members and English cricket writers alike metaphorically throwing their knickers on stage.

It was a brilliant speech. Intelligent. Insightful. Brave even, given the response from some in his homeland to comments he made about political interference in the game. But I’m not sure the reception it’s received over here quite does it justice. I don’t mean the overwhelming praise it’s garnered, rather the unspoken undercurrent of surprise that a current cricketer, an Asian cricketer at that, could prove so articulate and thought provoking a speaker.

Don’t people watch cricket beyond the latest England game? Sangakarra’s one of the most eloquent players in world cricket. He’s a privately educated law student. The guy’s an overbearing aunt away from being a P G Wodehouse character.

So why the surprise that he can string enough words together to form a coherent argument? It’s almost as if some cricket followers in this country have an irredeemably myopic view of the sport they profess to love.


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July 7, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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Giles Clarke thinks about cheese…

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June 14, 2011 at 2:23 pm

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